Writers of the 21st Century….

When I imagine writing a story or novel, I imagine the finished project.  I always envisioned a fresh off the presses product with that “new” book smell to it.  Avid readers know what lovely scent I am talking about.  I thought of something tangible that I could see on a bookstore shelf or force upon friends and family members with a charming smile – after having desperately chased down a publisher.

But alas, a traditional woman like myself might be living in the wrong time.  The definition of a “book” and even a “writer” is becoming very broad.  Writers have gone from scrawling symbols on cave walls to typing on Facebook walls.  Today you can self-publish a book if you want to and you can even forgo the whole concept of a book that one can hold and head straight to the e-readers market ( http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tonya-plank/meet-mega-bestselling-ind_b_804685.html).  Bloggers are often considered writers nowadays with the ends of the internet as their book cover.

How far will technology go and how much can it change the life of a writer?  For myself, technology and the modern reader has reminded me that I have to keep an open mind about what my finished product might be.  Somewhere along the line the needs and desires of the writer must meet the needs and desires of the reader.


Survival of the fittest.