I haven’t left you hanging!  Part 2 of the 3-part series will be posted tomorrow.  It will be my official review of his debut novel The Cube People as well as my opinion of his book of poetry, The Sun Has Forgotten Where I Live.  (My husband actually decided to pick up The Cube People on his own and read it and I wanted to include his comments as well – male perspective 🙂 )


Has anyone (other than book club members 😉 ) read the Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls?

This was the first selection for our book club which will be officially “meeting” as a group online through Skype this upcoming Monday to discuss our views on the book and debate some of the hot topics it brings to the surface.

Have you read the book?  Have any items or topics concerning this memoir that you think we MUST delve into?  Note them in the comments section.  I’ll be leading this session.  Next month, one of our members will be leading us in a discussion of Spin by Catherine McKenzie.


The first story for this “Choose your own Adventure” style series will be posted by the end of JUNE!   Check back for what I’ve developed for you 🙂


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