The Be Real Movement

This page is entirely inpired by Dan at Single Dad Laughing ( and his post “The Disease Called Perfection”  (

Please read his post.

So why, on a blog about writing am I posting this?  Because I believe in his message – in real life and on paper.  Pretending to be perfect is overrated.  As a writer (and a reader), I know that no one wants to read about someone who is “perfect.”  The greatest, most memorable people and characters are flawed in some, if not multiple, ways (Miss Havisham, anyone?).  We read books and stories to see what happens next to characters we have connected with.  But do any of them ever end up perfect?  Only in a Fairy Tale.  See my poem, A Better Life for my message on women empowering themselves and others.

My Dose of Real:

  • I was a very competitive child, and fought often with one of my younger sisters.  I really regret that.
  • I used to choose work and school over the people in my life – because I felt an OBLIGATION to my duties.  That has kicked me in the ass in tragic ways.
  • I’m guilty of being “too nice” at times and knowingly letting people bully or take advantage of me.
  • I am usually a happy person, but have had serious issues with depression over the years – mostly due to events over which I had no control.

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