Fun happenings around “I Tell Stories”

Upcoming : The online Book club starts next month.  To find the page, go to Reading, then Bookworms May 2011 will also bring the first edition of Adventure Alley.  Check out the main page for more info!   Ongoing I hope you’ll find the time to comment on some of my original written work.  I […]


I have been working away at my novel.  A task (I don’t consider it a chore!) that it seems I have only been able to take on in inspired moments.  I enjoy the brainstorming, going over notes, re-working things.  The novel takes up alot of my brain-space.  Whether I am actually writing down anything or […]

My work. My way.

My name is Samantha Ball and I approved the above message 😛   Do you have an idea in your head of what a writer’s background usually is?  Or what their hobbies are?  Where they live? I used to.  I believed at one time that you had to have a Masters Degree in Creative Writing […]

Livin’ The Dream!

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” HENRY DAVID THOREAU Every time you visit my website, know this – you are helping me to live my dreams! By reading my writing and providing feedback, you are feeding my soul.  I chose this quote as the foundation for my website because my hope […]

The Big Picture

My Writer’s Wall is adapted from the Story Structure Grid described by Hedy Czu in her writing guide, Before you Write a Word: Designing Your Novel.  She says, “What the musical score is to music, the story structure grid and its container are to writing.  The grid and its container hold over fifty elements critical […]


I go through life forgetting you’ve died And for what purpose it was all those tears that I cried I pretend you’re on earth, waiting somewhere for me But sometimes the darkness is all that I see And then I don’t even know The purpose of my life Why you were torn from me Why […]

Writers of the 21st Century….

When I imagine writing a story or novel, I imagine the finished project.  I always envisioned a fresh off the presses product with that “new” book smell to it.  Avid readers know what lovely scent I am talking about.  I thought of something tangible that I could see on a bookstore shelf or force upon […]