A month has passed

…since a pivotal dinner date with my mentor, JW and her husband.  She professed to have a book that would “change my life,” and so it has.  JW kindly scoured the internet and bookstores and found an autographed copy of “Before you write a word: Designing your novel” by Hedy Czu. Over a dinner that included JW’s fantastic homemade noodles, we discussed many topics including the writer in me.  We established a concept and game plan for developing this novel.  Leaving their house, I felt renewed vigour and motivation in my project.

Since that time, I have read Hedy Czu’s book and taken some brainstorming notes and am in the process of developing a “writer’s wall.”

If anyone out there knows how to find Hedy Czu, I’d appreciate it.  I’m sure JW and I would love to have a dinner date with her 🙂