My work. My way.

My name is Samantha Ball and I approved the above message ūüėõ


Do you have an idea in your head of what a writer’s background usually is? ¬†Or what their hobbies are? ¬†Where they live? I used to. ¬†I believed at one time that you had to have a Masters Degree in Creative Writing or a Journalism Degree to be a writer; that you should be in a book club and definitely not live in the suburbs (like I do!). ¬†I was also under the impression that you had to have certain credentials or you wouldn’t be taken seriously. ¬†Individuals have urged me to write articles for magazines etc., in order to “just get published” and give myself an edge in gaining readers.

However, to me, writing articles about topics that don’t interest me just to get some work published is akin to Kings of Leon not wanting to be featured on Glee, or a singer-songwriter not being interested in “selling” his or her soul by appearing on Canadian (or¬†American) Idol. ¬†It’s just not something that I am willing to do.

This is probably one of the reasons I didn’t enjoy my time as a journalism student in my previous life. ¬†I enjoy writing, but it took awhile before I realized that I specifically enjoy creative writing. ¬†I found it offensive to be assigned a topic and its accompanying formula in order to write the perfect article. ¬†In this atmosphere, everyone ended up with articles that were written virtually the same. ¬†Pretty boring if you ask me. ¬†Some individuals love working in print journalism – and to that I say, Thanks! ¬†Because I do enjoy reading it and keeping up with the news. ¬†But it wasn’t the writing path for me.

I wanted to write My Work.  My Way.

What is a writer to YOU ?

Have any of you been in school programs and/or jobs that were just the wrong fit?  What did you do to change things up?


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