My “24 hour” submission

If you missed my post from yesterday about this contest – here it is –

And here’s my entry in the contest 🙂



As a new mother, I had arranged for a photographer, however, Mary Ball found being posed like an Anne Geddes picture inconvenient.  Her sudden cries and flailing seemed timed to the photographer leaning in for the shot. I tried to calm her by giving her a bottle.  Within seconds of guzzling her milk…the telltale sounds of a wet poop.  Under her bare bottom, I was mortified to see poo on the photographer’s WHITE blanket.   The photographer suggested we end the session.  With relief, I cleaned and scooped up Mary – then felt the warm wetness of pee all over my lap…


***One of the contest rules was that the person whose name was “dropped” had to consent to the story.  Since my one month old can’t “consent”, I may be disqualified, but I thought I’d try to send it in anyway 🙂