Who inspires you to follow your dreams?


For me, one person who does this is my former high school English teacher.  She read the first half of my novel and encouraged me to keep going.  This was important to me.  Although writing the book was something I wanted to do, and I would have pushed forward no matter what – having someone in my corner definitely helps.  When my husband and I are invited over to her house, she always prepares a great meal for us (her homemade noodles are my favourite), we visit, and she asks me questions about the novel-writing process and where I am in my project.  I always leave her house excited about what I am doing and eager to keep going.

I am going to be taking some time off work starting November 10th, so I plan to have the first draft of the novel completed by December 1st at the latest, but in the meantime there are several writing seminars that I will be attending, I’m finding myself a local “Writer’s Group” and I’ll be recruiting some “readers” for the first draft of my novel.

There are busy (but fulfilling!) times ahead!