I’m on a dream vacation !

I’m stretched out in a hammock on a tropical beach!


Not quite.  But I have still planned a great and relaxing vacation for myself.  I’ve booked two weeks off from work and I am going – NOWHERE.  That doesn’t sound very exciting you say?  Well, I will be avoiding having to pack a suitcase, sit around for hours at airports, and/or have my neighbour fall asleep on my shoulder on a cramped 8 hour flight – so it will definitely be more relaxing for me than a traditional vacation 🙂

I have a few events planned for my Staycation.  One of my best friends is flying in from Edmonton for Easter, so we’ll be having a Baby Shower for her, I have a birthday dinner planned with family (My sister-in-law has tricked the men into cooking for us ;)) and of course, there will be the Lululemon giveaway on April 22nd for a lucky reader here @I Tell Stories.  Oh, and lets not forget watching the Royal Wedding with friends on April 29th!

But there will also be a special primary goal for myself during my Staycation – working on my novel in uninterrupted peace and quiet.   I will finally (for two weeks anyway) be a full-time writer!  I am looking forward to having some time to myself, and hope the time doesn’t fly by too quickly!


What do you think of my vacation plans?  What would be a dream vacation for you ?