Meghan Adams

Meghan Adams recently won a CBC Literary Award (First Prize – Short Story – English).  I just heard a CBC radio interview with Meghan and can attest that she is quite brilliant and her work is intriguing.  She comes across as the intelligent and interesting friend that everyone wants to have.

First Prize – English

Meghan Adams

London, ON

Meghan Blythe Adams was born in Salliq, or, Coral Harbour, Nunavut – then part of the Northwest Territories – in 1987. She lives in London, Ontario. Currently, she is in the process of completing a Master’s in English and Creative Writing at the University of Toronto, under the exceptionally kind supervision of Jane Urquhart. She is currently working on a collection of short stories. Her work has appeared previously in Literary Mary and this is her first successful break into the Canadian market. She doesn’t actually know how to drive.

Jury’s Comments:

Off-beat and whip-smart, “Snapshots from my Father’s Euthanasia Road Trip, or, Esau” chronicles an unlikely father-daughter car ride from the Bay of Fundy to a suicide date with the Don Valley Bridge in Toronto. The story manages to strike a perfect note between humour and tragedy, between irreverence and a deadly-serious tenderness. A completely compelling, perfectly entertaining, work of fiction