I have been working away at my novel.  A task (I don’t consider it a chore!) that it seems I have only been able to take on in inspired moments.  I enjoy the brainstorming, going over notes, re-working things.  The novel takes up alot of my brain-space.  Whether I am actually writing down anything or not, I am constantly thinking about it.  I will be glad when its complete, but I am not at the writer’s stage where I feel that it is a burden at all.

However, my actual novel writing has been haphazard and sporadic.  My husband will sometimes ask me  – why aren’t you working on your novel right now? Well, I can’t write if I am not inspired.  This is what happens to me when I write a short story or a poem – a piece of it comes to me and I write that down, then the rest of it flows out very quickly afterward.  I rarely make changes or alter poems or short stories.  They end up being what they end up being.

However, with my lengthier novel, I realize that this just isn’t going to cut it.  Waiting on inspiration to strike every time will make this a long process.  A very long process.  So I decided that I had to simply start scheduling time to write.  This was not my great eureka moment, since many writers recognize the need to do this.

But an important eureka moment in the development of my novel came after the very first scheduled writing session.  I am taking this as a sign that sitting down for longer planned periods works better for me than short blasts of writing.

I have discovered that sometimes you just have to write inspiration into your calendar in order to get things done!


Are you an organizer and planner, or do you prefer to go with the flow?  How does this impact your life and your tasks?