Chit Chatting…

…with teenagers.  Namely my 16 year old sister who happens to be the demographic (young adult) I am targetting for my first book.  Others will follow as time allows.  Surprisingly riding OC Transpo and cruising Facebook provides a wealth of information about these mysterious young people.  Well, not so mysterious actually.  I may be a bit older than 16 and like to pretend I’m wise, but I seem to have retained alot of my inner kid.  Thankfully.  The Man ain’t gonna get me down.

What surrounds a teen may change as times change, but I believe the structure of the important issues teens face remain the same.  However, each generation of young people always has new and specific challenges that they must overcome.  No two teens are alike, nor are any two teenage experiences alike.

This won’t be the next vampire and werewolves book.