These are some of the causes I support – Every little bit makes a difference!

Children’s Rights and Education

Free the Children and Me to We


I have been volunteering with Free the Children/Me to We for about 10 years.  After learning about Free the Children in high school, in 2006, I travelled to Arizona and Mexico for leadership and social issues training.  Since 2006, the team and I have organized a golf tournament to provide funds for Free the Children and their “Brick by Brick” school-building campaign.  In September 2010, we went to Africa to help build a children’s school in Kenya.  A really life-changing experience that I would highly recommend!

Natalie Portman supports Free the Children and their Kisaruni Girls Secondary School in Kenya:

The actors from Degrassi joined with Free the Children in 2007 to volunteer at Motony Primary School (where I volunteered as well!  The kids were awesome!)

VIDEO : Degrassi in Kenya

For more info about Free The Children, go to

Animal Wellness


In order to help their dogs live healthier, active and more social lives, a group of individuals in Morrisburg organized a Dog Park for their area.  A worthwhile and fun endeavour for all involved!

Check out their site to see how you can contribute:

Young People


Everyone deserves to have a Prom Night to remember! There are many groups like this across Canada and the United States.  This is the location closest to me.  If you have a gently worn prom dress, bridesmaid dress, etc., please consider donating it (and/or accessories) to underprivileged teens.  Many of us (myself included) are guilty of hanging on to dresses we wore once for “sentimental reasons.”  What better way to honour a happy time in your life than to bring happiness to other young women.

For more info:

Fairy Godmothers (Ottawa)

Operation Fairy Godmother (Vancouver)

Fairy Godmothers (United States)


From their website (

A Child’s Voice Foundation™ is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating and managing programs that provide tangible help and will make a real difference in the lives of financially disadvantaged children in Canada. Our mission is to support and enhance the physical and emotional well-being of these children by providing products and services not otherwise provided by levels of government, insurance or other organizations. We strive to fill in the cracks, bridge the gap and open a door when all others have closed.

For over 13 years, the foundation has worked to improve the lives of children across Canada through its programs, Angel Hair for Kids® and Kids Life Line™.

The United States has similar programs, such as Wigs for Kids.

I donated 10 inches of hair to a Child’s Voice Foundation in honour of my wonderful friend Charlotte in Australia. Helping a young person is as easy as letting your hair grow 🙂