Nancy’s Quilt

She’s in her eighties now At the end of a blessed life Her husband has passed on already But she continues to find joy In her son and in his sons Her grandsons tower over her With their height and their strength But she is not weak They are all her babies still When her […]

For You&Yours

My friend has suffered One of the biggest losses Of her life And last night As I cried for her I realized How far grief can spread And how deep The love for a friend Can run in one’s soul And the frustration That you can do nothing To ease the pain Of so many […]

little pleasures

We went walking at dusk and stumbled upon a field of diamonds We tried to get as close as we could and let the diamonds dance before our eyes We stood quiet and still as the field sparkled in the dark He tried to capture the scene forever but technology failed us Some things are […]


I go through life forgetting you’ve died And for what purpose it was all those tears that I cried I pretend you’re on earth, waiting somewhere for me But sometimes the darkness is all that I see And then I don’t even know The purpose of my life Why you were torn from me Why […]