Achieving Goals…

This past weekend, I achieved my goal of completing a rough draft of the first half of my novel. It is 6 chapters out of 12 chapters complete, and as I mentioned previously, I used Hedy Czu’s Before you write a word: Designing your Novel as a guide (a gift from my mentor JW). To […]

10 second lesson in novel writing

“The key to success is coming up with a good strong “what if”.  I learned three years ago from my editor and my agent that if a book can’t be reduced to a single “what if” sentence it is probably not worth wasting your time on.  If the idea takes three paragraphs to explain it […]


I have been working away at my novel.  A task (I don’t consider it a chore!) that it seems I have only been able to take on in inspired moments.  I enjoy the brainstorming, going over notes, re-working things.  The novel takes up alot of my brain-space.  Whether I am actually writing down anything or […]

The Big Picture

My Writer’s Wall is adapted from the Story Structure Grid described by Hedy Czu in her writing guide, Before you Write a Word: Designing Your Novel.  She says, “What the musical score is to music, the story structure grid and its container are to writing.  The grid and its container hold over fifty elements critical […]

My Writer’s Wall

I am trying to have a rough copy of the first half of my novel by April 29th! Wowzers.  Just in time to relax by watching the Royal wedding with old friends.  Is anyone else a loyal royal watcher?  I always thought I must be pretty dorky, but I’ve since met others who enjoy my sort […]

Writers unite!

I LOVE twitter. I think I like it more than Facebook now.  I love the fact that there are people out there that are as nerdy and fantastic as me!  Who devour books for pleasure and enjoy writing.  Who have to write.  Or their soul will wither and die. I am no longer a freak! […]

Chit Chatting…

…with teenagers.  Namely my 16 year old sister who happens to be the demographic (young adult) I am targetting for my first book.  Others will follow as time allows.  Surprisingly riding OC Transpo and cruising Facebook provides a wealth of information about these mysterious young people.  Well, not so mysterious actually.  I may be a […]