The Power of Simple Words, Animated

by Maria Popova Getting from “no coordinates exist like one’s domicile” to “there’s no place like home.” “Use the right word, not its second cousin,” Mark Twain admonished. “Use short words, short sentences and short paragraphs,” David Ogilvy advised. Last week, my friends at TED launchedTED-Ed — a wonderful new series of short animated videos for high school […]

READERS??? Anyone?

I thought this cartoon pretty much sums up my life right now.  I am on maternity leave with my first baby, and spending time on my reading and writing.  I’ve entered some writing contests through the CBC (haven’t won any yet), read some new books (some are 5 pages or less – see information about […]


In honour of this special occasion, I want to share this funny article with you 🙂 “How to Date a Writer” By Heather O’Neill   The following apply to moi –   Be eccentric. Writers are impressed by silly things. Remember their original loves were characters in novels. Act like a fallen aristocrat, or […]

New 24 Hour Writing Challenge from CBC

Announcing the Namedropping Nonfiction Challenge   Do you know who your friends are? On Thursday, January 26th, Canada Writes is launching a new, 24-hour writing challenge — and it’s all about the true stories you choose to make public. Do you always have the right to tell your true story — even if it involves someone […]

You Have 13(!) Days….

To submit your story for the CBC Books Creative Nonfiction Prize! See details here:   I will be submitting a story myself.  I submitted to CBC Books’ Short Story competition in the Fall and will hear back in February as to whether I have been accepted or rejected to pass through to the next […]

Why Authors Tweet

By ANNE TRUBEK Correction Appended Since the 19th century, the common conception of “the author” has gone something like this: A young man, in his garret, writes furiously, crumpling up papers and throwing them on the floor, losing track of time, heedless of the public, obsessed with his own imagination. He is aloof, elusive, a […]

New York’s “Literary Cubs”

I found an interesting article about some young minds who are pursuing literary careers and who are making names for themselves in New York through their own hard work and perseverance. This article, featuring the individuals above, is worth a read: