Celebrities as “authors”

For those that haven’t heard, Hilary Duff is currently promoting the second novel in her series about the paranormal and the afterlife – Devoted.  The first novel, Elixir, became a New York Times bestseller. I haven’t read either novel – so I won’t speak to the actual books themselves.  I just wanted to comment on the concept […]


  Who inspires you to follow your dreams?   For me, one person who does this is my former high school English teacher.  She read the first half of my novel and encouraged me to keep going.  This was important to me.  Although writing the book was something I wanted to do, and I would […]

Publishing Posts….

I am having some difficulty with the WordPress feature where you may pre-write posts and have them published at a later date/time for your convenience.  WordPress has not been publishing my posts on schedule (or at all).  Unfortunately, this just became clear to me today. Please be patient while I rectify this. Thanks!

Advice for a writer….

The best artistic advice, according to Rainer Maria Rilke, is to ignore artistic advice. In Letters to a Young Poet, he writes, “You ask whether your verses are good…. You compare them with other poems, and you are disturbed when certain editors reject your efforts. Now (since you have allowed me to advise you) I […]

Still working away…

…At the novel.  At the end of April, I had completed half the story.  However, I got to a point where I realized it would be prudent to do more research on the main topic I am writing about in order to ensure accuracy in the details of the story. I also got a surprise […]

Q&A with author Christian McPherson

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the third installment of the 3-part Christian McPherson series.  Christian is the author of The Cube People, which I reviewed here and he graciously agreed to a Q&A follow-up with me after I completed the book.  I also entered him in my Great Canadian Finds section – read his bio here. […]