Chit Chatting…

…with teenagers.  Namely my 16 year old sister who happens to be the demographic (young adult) I am targetting for my first book.  Others will follow as time allows.  Surprisingly riding OC Transpo and cruising Facebook provides a wealth of information about these mysterious young people.  Well, not so mysterious actually.  I may be a […]

Writers of the 21st Century….

When I imagine writing a story or novel, I imagine the finished project.  I always envisioned a fresh off the presses product with that “new” book smell to it.  Avid readers know what lovely scent I am talking about.  I thought of something tangible that I could see on a bookstore shelf or force upon […]

A month has passed….

…since a pivotal dinner date with my mentor, JW and her husband.  She professed to have a book that would “change my life,” and so it has.  JW kindly scoured the internet and bookstores and found an autographed copy of “Before you write a word: Designing your novel” by Hedy Czu.  Over a dinner that […]