Achieving Goals…

This past weekend, I achieved my goal of completing a rough draft of the first half of my novel. It is 6 chapters out of 12 chapters complete, and as I mentioned previously, I used Hedy Czu’s Before you write a word: Designing your Novel as a guide (a gift from my mentor JW).

To my surprise, writing the first half of the novel was not as hard as I thought it would be.   I reviewed Czu’s writing guide thoroughly, took notes, and developed my Writer’s Wall in as much detail as possible from this original point form chart (see photo).  Once I had all this in place to act as a reference, the actual story flowed quite quickly.

I ended up with about 30,000 words.  From what I’ve researched online, Fiction is typically around 55,000 words total (subject to genre – Harlequin Romance novels for example have strict guidelines, and Fantasy books tend to be longer).  So I am feeling good about the fact that at least what I’ve written so far is meeting length standards. 

I’ve turned over my draft to JW for her review.  And I trust that she’ll give me an honest review.  If it’s complete crap – it might be back to the planning stages for me.  If there are no major flaws with what I’ve put together so far, when she returns it to me, I am expecting that she will have found some editing for me to do.  If everything comes up roses, I anticipate that the rough draft of the complete novel will be done within three months from now maximum.

Eventually, I think it will be a worthwhile endeavour to have a professional editor go over the finished manuscript, whether I decide to go the self-publishing route or not.

So, here I am.  Nervous that JW may completely dislike what I’ve done so far, but thrilled with having written half a novel anyway.

For the writers out there, did you find a professional editor worth the expense?

For everyone else, have you done anything recently that you’re especially proud of ?

Cheers everyone!  Have a great day 🙂