My name is Sam.  I am a writer from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.*  I’ve enjoyed reading and writing from a young age.  I started reading by age four and by grade one had started writing short stories (mostly plagiarized from some of my favourite books, I was later embarrassed to discover).  Somewhere along the way, I’ve decided that the kid in all of us is smarter and wiser in many ways than our adult self.  As kids we knew what we enjoyed and we just did it.  As adults, we allow too much traffic into our decisions.  We do what we think we should.  And end up unhappy and unfulfilled.  So I am going back to writing.  My five year old self knew a thing or two about me.  Whether my writing gains a following or not, I will be able to say I did it.

*For those that are interested in my writing credentials, I have been published (writing and photography) in both newspaper and magazine. One of my favourite publications to work with is a local one – Ottawa Parenting Times Magazine. Be sure to check it out! 🙂

photo: around age five.