The door of the establishment opened, and he was taken aback.  She was a beauty.  Perfect for him.  Her curves, her luscious lips and smirky smile.  Yes.  She was the one.

He sat watching her, screaming to himself, look at me!  let me be yours!

She turned, and saw him.  Her eyes lit up and her face brightened.  She was a new woman.  There was joy in her heart.  She had found everything that she had been looking for.

She walked toward him, and he held his breath, waiting, wondering if she wanted him – when she could have anything.  The world was her oyster.

They left together.  They went straight to her house.  She sat down with him on the couch and began undressing him.  His skin was hot to the touch.  Within seconds, he was inside her.

She moaned with pleasure and satisfaction.

The Big Mac.