“Remember Me?”

Remember Me? is a pleasant novel written by Sophie Kinsella of “Shopaholic” fame – however this is a stand-alone novel with a different heroine.

I haven’t read the complete Shopaholic series of books, but I did read Shopaholic & Baby.  I enjoyed that this heroine, Lexi, had a bit more depth in terms of her career etc., than Shopaholic‘s Rebecca, although Kinsella demonstrates in the novel that Lexi’s career success came at the price of friends, family and sacrificing who she is as a person – a tough pill to swallow.  Lexi must re-discover herself and her loved ones after suffering from a bout of amnesia brought on by a car crash.  This all ultimately turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

I thought this book was a bit on the long side.  I ended up skipping ahead at points to make sure I was actually going to get somewhere.  I did really enjoy how Kinsella depicted the relationship between Lexi and her mother, and how she brought the mother’s mannerisms to life.  You could imagine seeing this nervous woman in real life.

Not one of my favourites, but would be a nice cottage read.

Picture source and for more info, check out: http://www.sophiekinsella.co.uk/books/stand-alone-novels/remember-me/



  1. Willow

    I hated the first Shopaholic book but have heard decent things about this book as a fun, light read. I need those to balance the heavy stuff, so I’ll add this one to my library request list. Thanks for the review!

  2. sam

    Hi! Thanks for visiting. Let me know what you think of Remember Me, and if you have any other book suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them 🙂

  3. Amanda

    I didn’t enjoy this book as much as her shopoholic series. I found it a little on the long side.

    I’m sure you already know this but I’ll tell you anyways, haha. Sophie Kinsella is a pen name for Madeleine Wickham. I’ve read The Tennis Party and The Wedding Girl. Both were good and had a different tone than her Sophie Kinsella books.

    Love your reviews Sam!!


  4. Sam

    Hi Amanda! It’s amazing how many people have read this one! I didn’t know whether it was popular or not. I will have to look up the Tennis Party and The Wedding Girl 🙂 Thanks for the recommendations~

    *You should join our Book Club! 🙂

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