My novel is being edited by a professional.

That is all 🙂

Very excited to keep moving forward!



  1. H Reid

    Hi Sam – My name’s Heidi. I stumbled across your blog this aft while looking for writing inspiration and I just wanted to tell you that you’re not alone and if you don’t stop writing, I won’t either 🙂 I too am a Mommy and a writer, who was totally delighted to have heard about the CBC contests for the first time this past Fall via CBC radio 1. I’ve been submitting to each of the contests they offer including the Shakespearean soliloquy contest this past April and was lucky enough to have my Lady Macbeth entry published on the CBC website last month which felt like winning the Nobel prize after soooo many years of journal entries and purses and pockets filled with notes and ideas and only my husband and some bewildered friends and family members as my cheering section.
    I think that it is nothing short of spectacular that not only have you managed to write your novel, (as that’s where I am currently struggling) but that you’re writing has reached the professional editing level!! I am sincerely excited for you and feel a thrill for the progress you’ve made which I hope to mimic before the year is out. So, consider me an extra fan and fellow writer who wishes you further success 🙂
    All the best – Heidi Reid
    Stratford, ON.

    • Sam

      Hi Heidi,

      Thanks for the comment. I am happy you stumbled across the blog. It’s nice to get messages that prove that posts don’t go unseen. 🙂

      Good luck on your writing and please feel free to keep in touch. 🙂

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