I go through life forgetting you’ve died
And for what purpose it was all those tears that I cried

I pretend you’re on earth, waiting somewhere for me
But sometimes the darkness is all that I see

And then I don’t even know
The purpose of my life
Why you were torn from me
Why all this strife

When these feelings flow through me, I must have faith in my heart
That in Heaven we will be rejoined and for not one more day be apart.



  1. Olivia wright

    truly beautiful.

  2. Kimberley

    This is beautiful Sam. Brought me to tears.

  3. LJ

    Very touching. Made me think of some close people to me who I have lost. It’s nice to remember

  4. “I pretend you’re on earth, waiting somewhere for me…”

    Yep. Know that special kind of grief-induced crazy. My brother’s been gone two years and I STILL wait for him at the bottom of parents’ driveway, the way we used to do.

    Sorry you’re missing someone too, pet.

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