Dark subjects…

As part of my research for my novel, I’ve been doing some reading into a bit of a dark and somewhat misunderstood area – mental illness and young people.  I’ve come across troubling material and also stories that are hopeful.  All in all, I hope it will give me a more informed and balanced perspective as I am developing the last half of the book.  There is definitely still some prejudice and misconceptions out there about mental illness in general but also in particular with young people.  However, I am happy to see it is becoming more acceptable to talk openly about these things.  Knowledge is power!

Some people are of the viewpoint that talking about darker subjects with young people, such as depression, suicide, even anxiety issues can actually have the negative effect of leading youths down those paths.  What’s your opinion?



  1. Dru

    Hi Sam –

    I really like that you’ve included this.
    I had a friend in school who suffered from bi-polarism and everyone called her crazy. They didn’t know that she was ill and just teased her for it. She suffered a lot from it and had a break down in university from the pressure of being “normal”. Her family moved to the states and she went with them, but I know she’s doing much better after moving to a new community where there is no stigma on her about her condition.
    I’m excited about your book.


  2. Sam

    Hi Dru

    Nice to hear your friend is doing better! I hope my book will be helpful to others. Glad to hear that you are interested in reading it 🙂

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