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Neil Hilborn – “OCD” (Rustbelt 2013)

This video has been circulating for almost a week now. Poet Neil Hilborn talks about meeting and losing his girlfriend.  I found some of the comments around the web about his poem very interesting.   Read more…


Nancy’s Quilt

She’s in her eighties now
At the end of a blessed life
Her husband has passed on already
But she continues to find joy
In her son and in his sons

Her grandsons tower over her
With their height and their strength
But she is not weak
They are all her babies still
When her adult grandson gets chicken pox
She buys calamine lotion and cares for him
She feeds him.  She fusses over him.

Today she is making that man a quilt
She chooses the material carefully
Bits of a special dress and
pieces from one of her husband’s
well-worn shirts
scraps of pretty and special material
collected over time

As she crafts the quilt slowly and quietly
sitting in her favourite chair
on a Sunday after Church
With happy thoughts of him
in mind

She would never know that
one day this blanket would not only
bring warmth and comfort to him
But would later be wrapped
gently around his wife as she slept
and that he would use it to cradle his newborn
On a Winter night in late December

That her love for her grandson
and the work of her hands
would extend to family
She would never meet

But maybe as she works
She knows
Better than even he does
What lays in store for him
As she works on her stitches
With a satisfied smile




















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For You&Yours

My friend has suffered

One of the biggest losses

Of her life

And last night

As I cried for her

I realized

How far grief can spread

And how deep

The love for a friend

Can run in one’s soul

And the frustration

That you can do nothing

To ease the pain

Of so many people

Who hurt so badly

For this stolen beautiful Light



little pleasures

We went walking at dusk

and stumbled upon a field of diamonds

We tried to get as close as we could

and let the diamonds dance before our eyes

We stood quiet and still

as the field sparkled in the dark

He tried to capture the scene forever

but technology failed us

Some things are just for a passing moment

though we can fight so hard for it not to be so



I go through life forgetting you’ve died
And for what purpose it was all those tears that I cried

I pretend you’re on earth, waiting somewhere for me
But sometimes the darkness is all that I see

And then I don’t even know
The purpose of my life
Why you were torn from me
Why all this strife

When these feelings flow through me, I must have faith in my heart
That in Heaven we will be rejoined and for not one more day be apart.


From the archives….

The 6th grade environmentalist

Dedicated to the teachers who “didn’t get what I meant”

One lone old pine tree
Sitting by himself.  Who took
his friends?            Man.            How sad.