Canada Writes – My submission

Last night, I sent my submission to the CBC Books – Canada Writes – Short Story Competition!  I am excited as I’ve never actually submitted to a writing contest before – but I am not holding my breath either.  The results of the competition won’t be known for another 6 months or so. 

I found entering the contest to be fairly straightforward and I especially appreciated the fact that you could submit your short story online as well as pay the $25 fee online.  I was worried the various steps to send the submission would take alot of time, but my story was sent through within about 5 minutes.  Great!  I also found that their rules and regulations were pretty simple and overall, the process was much less painful than I anticipated.

On their site last night I noticed that they had posted about some individuals having difficulties receiving a “submission accepted” email from the contest organizers.  I haven’t received one yet either, but it was nice to see that they addressed the issue online so that contest participants wouldn’t be worried about whether their submission was actually accepted or not.  They also provided contact information for the more anxious writer who would want to ensure that their submission was received.

On a personal note, though I was happy with the process overall and will definitely submit to another CBC contest, I don’t feel that I allowed myself enough time to provide my best work.  I am now almost 9 months pregnant and though I had left a full weekend to this project, I found my energy levels at the time were not great and so I ended up completing my submission just prior to deadline.  Not a great strategy, but I am happy nonetheless that I sent in my story.  I anticipate this is just a taste of the balancing act to come as I attempt to finish and edit my novel while pregnant and with an infant to care for.

In related news, the Creative Nonfiction Prize opens on December 1st.  I am looking forward to it and already have a concept in mind 🙂



  1. Dru

    Hey Sam!

    What great news! My husband is also a writer and submitted his short piece of fiction to the CBC contest last year. Alas, he did not win – but I hope you’ll have better luck! He won’t be your competition this time around – he’s been far too busy with other projects to keep at his own writing 🙂
    How exciting to almost be welcoming your new baby for Christmas-time too! A friend of mine is due to have her daughter in early January and she’s feeling the fatigue too! I hope your husband will be a great help when you welcome your new addition so you can continue to write! Who knows, maybe you could even whip up a children’s story for your new babe when all is said and done!

    My fingers are crossed!


  2. Sam

    Hi Dru

    Thanks for the well-wishes! We’re looking forward to our Christmas baby. Always fun to hear about other writers too. 🙂

    Interestingly enough, my husband is very good at art – drawing and illustration included – so there might be a collaboration for children in our future. I’ll let you know…


  3. Dru

    I happen to be under the impression that there aren’t nearly enough stories about adventuring cats – in case you need ideas 🙂


  4. Dru

    Hey Sam – My email account has been compromised, hopefully this won’t affect you because I only use your comments section – but if you receive any viral emails from me, I’m sorry!
    I’ll get back in touch with my new account soon! I’ve read a couple of goodies lately that I thought you might enjoy while you’re resting up for the baby! 🙂

    Take care!


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